How does it work, one of these photoshoots?

How awesome you are considering a photoshoot with me - yay!


The first step would be to get in touch, you can do this through the 'Get in touch' button above, or by contacting me through email or phone. You will then get a call back and we will go over the process, any questions you may have, the products, and so on. If that all sounds good to you, we can then start to plan a perfect custom session for your fabulous pooch. Once you are ready to confirm a date and location, you will be asked to sign a session agreement and pay the session fee to get you all booked in.

The photoshoot itself can be held at any place or park in Inverclyde. We are so lucky to live in Scotland where we are blessed with stunning scenery. We can pick a forest setting, a hills setting, or, if your dog loves the water we should definitely consider a session at the beach! 

After that, the pictures will need to be edited. This takes a bit of time to get all pictures perfect, and to work the Photoshop magic! Therefore, the viewing appointment is usually held approximately 2 weeks after your photoshoot.  At the viewing appointment we will go over all of your images, choose your favourites, have a cuppa, and you can place your order. I work with the very best Scottish craftsmen to get gorgeous custom artwork that you will fall in love with. 


My dog is a little nervous and won't sit still, will you be able to get decent pictures.

Your dog doesn't need to be a highly trained super dog. If they don't listen to sit or stay, that's absolutely okay. I promise you that I successfully photograph hyper, untrained dogs all the time.  My camera can capture them at a fraction of a second so they do not have to be quiet or still.  

I am used to working with animals and will use positive reinforcement techniques to get your dog comfortable in front of the camera.

It’s important to discuss any possible behaviour challenges during the pre-session consultation.


My dog can't be off leash! He will run away...

That's where my magic powers of Photoshop come in, haha.  Here’s a secret: Most of the dogs you see on my website were wearing leashes during our session. After some delicate Photoshop work... tadaaa... suddenly you see before you a dog without a leash! 


If your dog is a little naughty and likes to explore on their own, it is best to keep them on our photoshoot leash that will be photoshopped out of the final images. 

We can even use a special long line to safely create action shots if your dog can’t be off leash. And with my arsenal of duck calls and squeakers, I know how to get your pup’s attention. You let me know what kind of images you love, and I’ll bring the tools and the know-how to create them for you!




Do you photograph other animals besides dogs?

Of course! If you have a cat, a horse, or maybe a whole animal family that you would like to get photographed, I would be delighted to help. 


I absolutely love all animals and I am very comfortable around them. I would love to help you create stunning images full of personality, no matter the animal - big or small.


What do we do when it rains?

We can't predict the weather, and we live in Scotland after all. If inclement weather or other adverse conditions prevent the photoshoot from taking place, another date will be arranged.


My dog doesn't have much time left, can you help?

I'm so sorry to hear this, it's so sad dogs can't live forever.  When you know you have to say goodbye to your beloved companion in the near future, and would like to capture some images to remember them forever, please get in touch with me. I will try to book you in for a photoshoot as soon as possible.


Do you have any terms and conditions?

I do, these can be found here.

These will also be included in your signed session agreement.