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An Update On The Podenco Photography Project

Wow - what a result! Over 50% of the photoshoots have been booked already!

Podenco people really are amazing, thank you for all the support you have shown us so far.

We only launched a few days ago, and lots of you have been booking your spots for the photoshoots. And wow, over 50% of slots has been snatched up!

There was one location that proved to be VERY popular, so much so that all slots for this location are gone now! Loch Ard is a magical place, so we're not surprised that this one went quick.

If you have missed out, we would suggest to check out the availability on the booking page. There are a few locations that only have 1 spot left, so being quick is advised.

Since the project was launched, we also welcomed Helpers Of The Pods & Dogs as one of our partner podenco rescues. That means we now have 4 amazing rescues that support us, and that we are supporting in return!

Right now, we still need your help. We still need to fill the remaining spots on the calendar. Please share this project far and wide on social media, with friends and family, fellow podenco enthusiasts, and with whoever you think might be interested in participating.

Sharing this project far and wide, will increase the awareness, especially important now the hunting season in Spain is just over, and many, many dogs need our help!

We couldn't do this without your support, so thank you for all your help.

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