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My Animal Voice

I am not really sure if there is such thing as an animal voice, but if there is, I think I have one. It's a bit similar to the way people usually talk to human babies, high pitched and squeaky.

As you might know, besides being a dog photographer, I am also a professional dog walker. I caught myself the other day, talking to my doggie customers on our group walk. If anyone overheard us, I must've sounded extremely silly, but the dogs loved it!

There's one doggie in the group who always tries to eat the poo from her friends. I really have to be quick and get to it before she does. So when I dive in to pick it up, I usually go: “Mine! That poo is mine, Mrs, don't you try and steal it from me...” and I usually use my doggie voice, ha.

She understands, and waits impatiently until I've picked everything up.

This is the same voice I use when taking pictures. Most of my dog walking doggies are used to posing for me, because I have heavily conditioned them to the words “Who wants a picture?!” and they all love it. It's amazing what a happy, squeaky voice and a few treats can do.

This is the same expertise I also bring to our professional photoshoots. Along with a few other tools of the trade. I usually carry an array of toys, whistles, squeakers and treats with me, because every dog is different, and likes different things. Getting that cute head tilt is no problem for me, and what's better than a cute head tilt, right?

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