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Hi! I'm Andi and I'm a friendly dog photographer in Greenock, Scotland.

Would you like some awesome pictures of your dog, beautiful wall art or something uniquely tailored to you? Then you're in the right place!

If you're looking for a super passionate and kind dog photographer who is experienced with nervous, fearful and very fast dogs, I'm your gal: I love sighthounds

- especially podencos and galgos, I have 2 of my own! -  I'm very down to earth (but slightly bonkers), and I'm not afraid to roll in the mud to get that perfect photo! I might struggle to get back up though, but it's totally worth it to get those extra special images.


If you want dog photos that show your unique bond and that are full of personality & love, give me a shout.

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My Dogs

Listen to me being interviewed by Kirstie and Caitlin of
The Pet Photographers Club.
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