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Pet Business


Are you looking to boost your profile, look professional and attract your ideal customers?

We all know that consumers want to do business with people they know, like and trust.

That is why branding and creating a personal brand as the face of your business is so important. It ensures that all the messages you put out there, are in line with your brand values and mission, and that they are exactly what your ideal client wants to hear and is attracted to.


Having strong brand visuals that consistently portray the right message, impression and feelings to your ideal client is crucial.

It's never been more important to be present online, with inspiring, professional, on-brand images that attract and appeal to your ideal client, and that encourage engagement.

Using professional photographs to market and advertise your brand and business, positions you as an expert in your field, gives a professional and polished look and feel to the business. It reassures and gives potential clients a much more authentic brand experience.

Personal Brand Photography is a relatively new field, but savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are realising the importance of professional and consistent looking visuals when it comes to promoting themselves.

In photography we are used to headshots, commercial shoots, or corporate shoots, but a Brand Photography session is much more that this.


In a Brand Photography session, whether it’s a personal brand session or a business brand session, I can help to tell the story of who that brand is, what the brand values are, the brand mission… what your brand is all about.


You want to show pictures of your brand that appeal to your ideal clients, and enables your ideal clients to come to know, like and trust you, and go on to book your service or product.

Each Brand Photography session is completely customised to reflect a number of themes that you have chosen. Which will then be used to create a bank of images that you can use to showcase your brand, your values, your mission, and what you want to achieve for your clients, what you offer your clients.

The aim goal is a bank of varied, appealing, completely on brand images, with a consistent look, feel and tone, that you as a business owner can pull from to use in all your online and offline requirements.



Mini Brand Photography Shoot

Are you not sure if you need a full shoot just yet? Are you just starting out in your business, or are you not very confident being in front of the camera?

The Mini Brand Photography Shoot might be a good option for you! 

With this one hour photoshoot, you can expect 30 images, which will leave you feeling so much more confident about yourself and your business.

Herbal Vet Scotland-21.jpg

Full Brand Photography Shoot

The perfect solution for the Pet Business owner who is looking to up their game.

Have you been thinking about getting professional pictures taken lately? Take your business to the next level?

In a 3 hour long photoshoot we will create your perfect brand story.

You can expect 150 images (which is more than 3 months worth of content!).

Workshop Dag 1-26.jpg

The 1 Year Brand Photography Package

Are you looking for more than just a one-off brand photoshoot? Would you like a full years worth of content, with pictures that reflect the changing seasons? 

Then a full year package might be something for you!

4 Fully tailored photoshoots, spread out over the year. We will plan together, every step of the way!

You can expect 4 x 150 images.

Learn More

Interested in learning more? Why not get in touch? I love a good chat :)

See, in Brand Photography, it's not just about taking pretty pictures. It's about getting to know the person, and their story. That's why I like to know each and every of my clients, and their dreams for their business. A chat will give you a good indication if you like me or not. I might not be the right match for you, and that's ok! 

It's so very important that you feel at ease with your photographer, because we will be working closely together. I will give you some homework and together we will plan your whole photoshoot. 


By the time you get your pictures you will feel like we're long-time friends! 

If that sounds like something you might like, please feel free to reach out to me for more info.

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