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How to choose your Dog Photographer?

Imagine this, you are a loving dog mum, and you have been thinking for a while now about splashing out a little bit and doing something crazy. A dog photoshoot! Because you love the idea of 'family pictures', even if that means it's just you and your dog. Plus your mum would love some pictures of the furry grandkids...

You start searching... but how, and where? A Google search? Maybe Facebook, Instagram? What about Pinterest maybe? I mean, your wee mad sister could take some pictures, but do you really want to pose for them while they would rather be out with their friends?

Maybe a professional photographer is just the thing! But how do you choose your photographer?

I have listed some tips below to help you pick your perfect match:

  • Have a look online and see what kind of style you like: Do you like bright and cheerful pictures? Or do you want a fairy tale look? Or maybe you're the type that likes black & white pictures? There are loads of different photographers out there, all with their own style. Photographers are usually know for their particular style and while they could accommodate any particular requests you may have, it could be worth looking for a photographer who already does the type of work you absolutely adore!

  • What would you like to use your pictures for? Having your pictures taken is the easy part. But what to do next? Are you looking for digitals? Or maybe prints? What about wall art, or an album? Every photographer will have their own catalogue of products, so it might be a good idea to think about what you would like to do with your pictures, and choose your photographer according to who offers what.

  • Do you want a studio or outdoor shoot? Are you the adventurous type that would like an epic backdrop for your pictures? Or do you prefer a nice, clean, white background? Outdoor shoots can potentially be done in your dog's favourite walking spot, or a place that has a special meaning to you both. Some dogs might be frightened by studio environments as well (think weird objects, big lights and strange sounds), so have a think about what would suit you and your dog the best.

  • Does your chosen photographer do other types of photography as well? Not that this is a bad thing, most photographers have done different genres of photography at some point in their lives! But a dedicated dog photographer will have a better knowledge about dog body language, and will be able to tell if a dog is feeling happy or not. It is so important to not only take queues from you, but also from your dog. Dedicated dog photographers have different tips and tricks to get your dog's attention, and know how to handle even the most cheeky ones.

I hope these tips will help you a little bit in your search for a dog photographer. As we all know, there are so many different photographers out there, with a range of different styles, personalities and specialities.

Above all, you should feel happy working with your photographer as they will make you and your dog feel at ease.

Talking before booking a photoshoot experience can be a good idea, this will give you a better idea about the photographer as a person too.

All this being said, should you have any questions about me as your potential photographer, please feel free to give me a shout. I would be happy to talk to you about anything dog related!



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