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Happy National Dog Photography Day!

I thought, today, it might be fun to share some tips to capturing your dog with your smartphone. These are tips I keep in mind when photographing dogs, so I thought these could be helpful to you as well!

So grab your furry companions, charge up your smartphones, and let's embark on a tail-wagging adventure of picture-perfect memories!

Tip 1: Unleash the Treats

We all know how our canine pals get when they see a treat in hand - those eyes light up, tongues start wagging, and they're all ears! Use this to your advantage during your photography session.

Have a pocketful of your dog's favourite treats at the ready, and reward them generously for looking at the camera. Positive reinforcement goes a long way, and soon enough, your pup will associate the camera with tasty rewards and become the ultimate supermodel!

That's how I got my boy Bae to pose for the above picture, as he is notoriously scared of posing for the camera. Treats treats treats!

Tip 2: Get on Their Level

No, I don't mean you should start barking like a dog (although, that might make for a good laugh!). Instead, try capturing your dog's world from their perspective. Get down to their eye level, so you can truly connect with them through the lens. This technique not only provides a more intimate and endearing photograph but also showcases their unique personality in a way that will make your heart melt.

Tip 3: Background Check!

Picture this: You've got the perfect shot of your dog, they're striking a super cute pose, and click - the shot's ruined by a tree seemingly sprouting from their head! To avoid this, always check the background before pressing the shutter button. Make sure there are no trees, lantern posts, or any other distractions poking out from behind your furry pal.

Tip 4: Lighting is Everything

The key to capturing that flawless fur and those loving eyes. When outdoors, opt for natural light, preferably during the golden hours - early morning or late afternoon. Avoid harsh midday sun, as it may cast unflattering shadows. Indoors, position your pup near a window to get that soft, diffused glow.

Proper lighting not only enhances the overall look of the photo but also brings out the intricate details in your dog's adorable features.

Tip 5: Patience, Love, and Fun!

Remember, this is a celebration of your dog and the boundless joy they bring into your life. Be patient and give them time to relax and get comfortable with the camera. Let the photoshoot turn into a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you. A relaxed and happy dog will radiate that infectious charm through the lens, resulting in photographs that truly encapsulate their furry brilliance. So, seize the day, grab your smartphone, and let's make memories!

And if you ever want to go for something extra special, a bespoke photoshoot by an award-winning photographer based in Inverclyde, you can always reach out to me. I can capture the very essence of your four-legged family member. From candid moments of sheer happiness to finely crafted portraits, I will create artwork that you'll cherish forever.

Happy National Dog Photography Day 2023!

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