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Let's talk shit... seriously!

More specifically, let's talk dog poop.

You might be laughing, but as dog owners, it is a thing, am I right?!

Earlier today I was reading the product description of a well-known brand’s new poop bags. The more I read, the more it ticked me the wrong way. They were stating the reasons why biodegradable poo bags aren’t the answer. And then why compostable poo bags aren’t the answer either.

If you’re a dog owner, you will more than likely have seen both options pop up in shops more and more. And we all want to do our part for the planet, at least in some small way, right?

So far, I agreed with what they were saying, because it is true that neither biodegradable or compostable bags are the answer. Degradable poo bags still take about 500 years before they degrade, and are made of plastic. And compostable bags require very specific conditions which are not found in most landfills, so still take decades to disintegrate as well.

But here comes the kicker… This well-known brand stated that their poo bags were made of recycled plastic – because that meant they were at least recycling a bit. Nothing degradable or compostable about their poo bags. And oh, that got me a bit upset!

Why, you may be asking?

Because I know we can do BETTER! The solution is out there, we just need to shout about it louder.

I am talking about Project Harmless. These guys are bloody fantastic, and they prove that we CAN do better.

The Harmless Poop Bags are made of water-reactive and non-toxic material. Compared to a conventional dog waste bag, Harmless Poop Bag can safely degrade in water more quickly WITHOUT releasing toxic chemicals. You can, therefore, contribute to reducing harmful plastic waste by using their specially designed planet friendly dog waste bag.

Harmless Poop Bags are made of the same material as some medical pill capsules. However, they repurposed it, making it stronger and larger. Harmless Poop Bags are engineered to be dissolved instantly in hot boiling water, but will also disintegrate at lower temperatures in the presence of water with agitation, such as with rainfall and the movement of rivers.

I came across these guys last year and had a lengthy conversation with them at the Dog Lover Show in Glasgow. They impressed me massively and I have used their poop bags for my dogs. I handed them out to everyone I knew, and even gave some to my vet to try.

It does need to be said that these poop bags are more expensive than other poop bags on the market, and is maybe their only drawback. However, if you look at the pricing in context, their weekly cost for 1 dog is £2.33 per week, similar to one sit-in or takeaway coffee. Not a significant price to pay to help our planet and marine life.

To check them out, have a look here:

At least now you know that we shouldn’t settle for recycled plastic poo bags! We can do better!

To find out more about Project Harmless, click here

And click here to buy Project Harmless Poop Bags

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