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My Five Favourite Walks in The Inverclyde Area

Hi everyone,

Let me quickly introduce myself: I'm Andi from The Faithful Hound Photography. I am not only a passionate dog photographer, I am also a professional dog walker, (also called The Faithful Hound in Greenock). As such, I love exploring the Inverclyde area with my dog walking customers. During lockdown, I have definitely seen an increase in the amount of people who enjoy going out for a walk, which is why I wanted to share some of my favourite spots with you. You might know them already, if you're local. But if you are not, and if you are ever in the area (hopefully we can travel again very soon), these places might be worth checking out.

Here they are, in no particular order. Enjoy!

  • Inverkip beach:

I love this beach a bit more than the very popular and well known Lunderston Bay. The beach is relatively small, with the woods just behind it. For such a small place, there's loads of variety and we're never bored when we go there. The dogs always love exploring the rocky beach. Perfect for a sea shell search and enjoying the views. From here you can take a walking trail that leads through the woods to Lunderston Bay.

Inverkip Beach
Inverkip Beach

  • Up the Gourock moors in Midton:

On Kirn Drive, next to the small recycling centre, you can park up and go up the Gourock moors. The views from there are breathtaking, I usually avoid the place when it has been particularly wet and rainy (unless I am wearing waterproof footwear) as it can get muddy and wild up there. But on a clear day, it's an invigorating walk, and perfect for clearing the mind of worries and concerns.

Gourock Moors
Gourock Moors

  • Parklea in Port Glasgow:

I know, this isn't a particularly exciting place, but it is quite big and closed off from traffic. You could easily let your dog off the lead there, if they have a good recall. Loads of people walk their dogs here, and mostly off lead, too. So this is not recommended for reactive pooches. However, if you have a dog that doesn't mind other dogs, it can be a lovely place to walk. Lots of variety for your dog, and when the tide is out, you can even walk along the beach! Most dogs have a blast, running at full speed, trying to catch the seagulls there

Parklea Beach
Parklea Beach

  • Harelaw Reservoir in Port Glasgow:

This walking spot is one that's a bit more off the beaten track. Usually no other walkers go there, or if they do, you just missed them. You get there by following a single track road, and parking up at a gate just next to this road. If you don't know where, it's easily missed. At times, cows may roam here, so I only let the dogs off the lead when it is safe to do so. There is a small reservoir, and you can walk all the way around it. The back end can be very muddy on rainy days though, so the right footwear is recommended.

Harelaw Reservoir Port Glasgow
Harelaw Reservoir Port Glasgow

  • Knapps Loch in Kilmacolm:

This is a lovely place to walk, but again you need to watch out for cows here. They can usually be found near the lake where they enjoy getting their feet wet. The walk takes you around this lake, and as such you can usually avoid getting too close to the cows. Some places can be muddy, so again I recommend wearing the right shoes or boots for this. It is a well known place with other dog walkers, so a couple of wagging tails is not an unusual sight here.

Knapps Loch
Knapps Loch

I hope you like these. Of course there are plenty more walks to be enjoyed in the area, so maybe I will make another post about them in the future. Plenty more exploring to do :)

Please feel free to tell me some of your favourite walks, wherever they might be!



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