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Why I do what I do

Oooohhhh, I am so happy! Yesterday it was announced that the Stay At Home restrictions will be lifted from April 2nd. And that means I will be able to get back to booking in doggy photoshoots, yassss

Over the years, I have thought plenty of times of starting up as a professional photographer. In the past, I have shot a few weddings and each and every time, I loved it immensely. Weddings are usually such happy occasions, with loads of smiles and an exiting atmosphere in the air.

However, when push came to shove, and when I finally did set up as professional photographer, I didn't hesitate to choose dogs over weddings. Why was that, you might ask? Well, even though I am a hopeless romantic, and I love a good party, I felt the pull of dog photography so much stronger.

In my humble opinion, dogs are everything! As a dog pawrent myself, I love my babies endlessly. And I love celebrating their awesomeness in wonderful photography. I don't think I am the only person who thinks this way. Dogs bring so much joy into our lives, they are our little buddy, our companion, they are always happy to see us, and never fail to cheer us up after a rubbish day.

As I am a particular romantic and sentimental person, I love creating memories that last a lifetime. I can put so much emotion, feeling and meaning into a picture, and in my humble opinion there's no better thing to decorate the walls of my home with. So yes, all the walls of my home are decorated with pictures of my dogs. I love a good statement piece, and what better statement is there in saying: “Yes, look at these big bold pictures on my walls, these are my babies and I am a super proud dog mama!”

So glad I will be able to start booking in doggy photoshoots again, from April 2nd!



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